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4 Best Home remedies can cure thyroid problem permanently

Updated: Jul 22

Hyper and hyper hypothyroidism are two most common endocrine disorders that originate as a result of malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

Most common symptoms of thyroid disorders

Fatigue, sudden increase of weight, sudden decrease of weight, hair fall, bulging eyes, mood swings, depression, menstrual disorders even in fertility.

No doubt thyroid malfunction is a serious disorder, but I assure that it can be permanently cured with following simple 4 steps.

However modern science says that thyroid problems can not be cured, they can only be managed.

That's where ayurveda comes to rescue. in this article I'm going to share with a you clear road map to how you can route out the thyroid problem from it's root cause.

When we go back 30 years back we will find very few people suffering from thyroid. But today in India more than 42 million people suffering from thyroid problems.

Our unhealthy inactive stressful lifestyles to be blamed. Even top medical doctors tell you that women being hormonal sensitive more prone to this disorder. However even men are fast more developing thyroid problems.

No doubt that thyroid is a serious disease, but YES it can be permanently cured. You should follow provided information and if you are really serious about making few changes in your life style.

Else you don't have any choice but to depend on life long prescription of pills.

Best treatment for Thyroid with Home remedies can Cure naturally

1. Pills are not the solution

T3 and T4 are two primary hormones produced by the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland is not able to produce enough of it or produces excess of it thyroid diseases developed. That's when this hormone is prescribed in the form of uphill.

Even your doctor will tell you that this wouldn’t cure your thyroid disease but it’ll only manages as long as you keep supplying T4 in the form of uphill.

That’s why you can see women around you taking medicines forever and still having thyroid problem

That’s not all, trying to get ideal hormone balance and to have pills have too many side effects like fast heartbeat, tiredness, deficiency of vital nutrients, sudden increase in hunger, think skin, shakiness, sensitive to heat and brittle hair.

And hoping to cure by using these pills means you are simply wasting your time and money.

See… unless your thyroid problem is cured without second thought of taking any pills. But it's really serious to quickly taper down the medicine with in a few weeks.

2. Ayurveda Remedies:

Heal the thyroid in such a way that it again starts functioning efficiently. Thats where ayurveda tips clearly list down the most effective remedies.

There is one oil which has been given a lot of importance in ayurvedic scriptures to treat thyroid

  1. Akhrot Tailam (Cold Pressed Walnut Oil): This is a pure cold pressed walnut oil. All you need to do is every night before sleep take four to five drops of cold pressed walnut oil and massage the thyroid area to heal it. It is important to understand that your thyroid is controlled by the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain. So massaging the neck with walnut oil is the best for the brain and stops the root cause.

  2. Coriander Seeds: Just like walnut oil coriander seed water also highly effective to cure thyroid problem. Take 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds and crush them with a motor pastel or chakla belan. Mixer grinder is not worth use as it heats the seeds and damages the purpose of using them. Grind some amount of coriander seeds and store it in an air tight glass container. Put crushed seeds in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Next morning boil this water in a low flame until it reaches into half. Strain off all the seeds and simply sip the water. Consume it in the morning 30 minutes before having your breakfast. Do not anything in between. Let it work. If you are taking any other juice a this point of time please keep it away for 3 months.

If you really want to throw away this disease out of your body, practice both these remedies daily for 3 months without fail. This will solve half of the problems.

For the next half it's extremely important that you practice yoga.

3. Yoga

You can cure Thyroid with Yoga the extremely amazing thing about yoga is there are some very specific breathing exercises and asanas for thyroid which are not only easy but also super effective.

Start with Tank Vidya:

Simply hum the sound with om without opening the mouth and simultaneously keep moving your head up and down.

While doing it you can notice that your thyroid gland vibrated. This is an amazing exercise for thyroid. Do this 5 times.

Ujjayi Pranayamam:

Probably the most effective for thyroid problem. Close the mouth and constrict the throat. Start inhaling slowly and hold the breath in bandh and exhale through left nose.

Do this for 5 minutes.

Doing these both exercises will benefit to get fast recovery.

4. Food and Lifestyle

You can Heal Thyroid from food Avoid Iodized salt instead use rock salt. Say no to soya products stored refrigerated products, foods and cold water.

For cold water make sure to use earthen pot instead.

Cabbage, cauliflower and peanuts are avoided as raw. It must be taken when it well cooked only.

Stop eating preservative packaged food for a while and switch to fresh homely food.

It is not difficult. Simply follow the healthy plate method. Next time when you sit to eat fill your plate with fresh seasonal vegetables.

1/4th plate protein rich food like dal, paneer. And remaining 1/4th part with complex corbohydrates like roti or millets. First eat the salad and then halg on cooked food it's that easy.

Eat raw onlion as a salad. It helps curing thyroid.

Eat coconut because it's rich in loric acid and it is also very healthy. You can simply eat it as a snack.

Avoid plastic containers and switch to stainless steel and glass containers. Proper sleep timings remains stress free.

Stop cooking nonstick and aluminium cookware and switch to clay, brass and iron.


Stop depending on pills and try to taper them as quick as possible. Drink coriander seeds water 30 minutes breakfast. Every night massage with cold walnut oil.

Daily do yoga for best results and switch to good food and life style.

If you want anything to know more please comment below. Share this article and help your people from thyroid problems.

Thank you for reading this article. Please share and comment below.


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