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Domain Authority DA Page Authority PA Checker Safe Backlink Techniques

DA PA Checker If you have taken a new domain from anywhere, then its DAPA is now talking to you, it will be right there, which will be one of the two things, so I want to tell you first in the guide that what is DA PA is not generated by Google. I

f you do not create Google, you will ask Google if DAPA is such a good ranking, then Google will simply tell you that we have not told it, so we do not know anything.

What is the reason why you can see your website for lines, then it is sprained here, then what kind of program has it brought to your mouth so that it tells what the value of the website domain is in the market if your website is very good So that value of it will tell how good your website is, it doesn’t matter the ranking on your search engine, but if you have a good domain authority.

Imporatance of Domain Authority and Page Authority

What is important for me is that I give you benefit because your DA PA will be more, which will be the development of your website, which will be the friend content, inside your content, suppose that I do not tell you like your DA PA.

It is absolutely fine, in whatever post you write, you get a little doubt and a little bit that your market value increases. Does tell me there is written you can see as you go on Simply here.

What is it and you can read here Simply selecting you in Open Site Explorer I tell you one of my website, this is my website, we check it once OK.

Linking is there so many you can see it is fine, so you can find out in this way as if I do google.com, then talk to you that it will be hundredth you can see that this is a very good thing that we check DA PA Okay.

How to increase DA and PA

Domain authority and page authority can be increased by back links. If you make back links on on your home page. It will increase Domain Authority and if you make back links and your page URL it will increase your page authority.

In this way you have to decide either you like to increase the domain authority or page authority.

If domain will be increased then google bots will crawl your page fastly. Because google will always prefers to high domain authority pages.

High Domain and page authority wil give your website rank faster in google search engines

If your website rank fastly in the google then you will get a huge amount of organic. which can be converted into the earnings.

How to Check Domain Authority

To check the Domain Authority of your website you can check in these websites which i provided below.

  1. https://websiteseochecker.com/

  2. https://www.seoreviewtools.com/

  3. https://ahrefs.com

  4. https://analytics.moz.com

  5. https://sitechecker.pro

These 5 websites will provide us the information about SEO tools. Some of them are paid and some of them are free versions.

How to check Page Authority

To check page authority of your URL you have to go to these websites which i provided below

  1. https://websiteseochecker.com/

  2. https://www.seoreviewtools.com/

  3. https://ahrefs.com

  4. https://analytics.moz.com

  5. https://sitechecker.pro

These are the top 5 websites which are ranking the google to provide the information about seo.

1.Ahref Tool

Aherf is paid tool which is very high to pay especially for the beginners. This is the very costly tool in the market but it provides the 100% information about your competitor.

This tool is ruling the Word of Search engine Optimization (SEO). Which is key for ranking in google and get free organic traffic.


This tool has the both versions paid and free. But it is better to use free version which is quietly enough. In this website we will get all the information about DA & PA.


In this website also you can check your DA PA. SEO is the main concepts of these tool. they provide the all information about seo and help users to rank in the google very fastly.


These website is launched recently it is providing the both free and paid versions. But the free version is valid only for 1 month. Later you have to renew buy paying to it or else you can use it by creating another gmail account.

5. sitecheckerpro.com

In these website we get the all information about seo. The seo is only way go get trafffic through google. with out doing seo to your website you can not rank in the google.

If you are not ranking in the google then you will not get any type of traffic.

What is ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a Seo tool which is invented by the Famous Digital markater Neil patel.

This tool gives all information about Domain Authority, Page authority, Backlinks, Keyword Research etc.

This tool is totally free tool. I prefer it for beginners to use this tool and get there post rank fastly in google.

This tool is providing every information which is provided in Ahref. But not as much exactly as Ahref but it is enough to know.

Advantages OF DA PA Checker

When we have a website you have to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority weekly once or regularly which is depending on you.

By checking Domain Authority and Page Authority of website. You will get the information about your website. By doing that you will get motivated for doing the work on your website.

DA PA Checker will give you a idea on your website to do work. Either your website is working well or not.

Disadvantages Of DA PA Checker

They are no disadvantages for checking your websites domain and page authority. It may take yours some time but it is good to check the Domain and page authority frequently.

Not Only checking but you have to work on it regularly to develop you website.


They are so many tools in the market for DA PA checker. I provided the websites which i use. You have to make decisions of your which one is giving the best information for your website. In this world no one is doing a work for free. Every body wants something in profit be aware of frauds.


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