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How to blogging from mobile and earn money?

There will be many people in you who want to know that after all How to blogging from mobile This is because not everyone has a laptop and desktop computer available, but almost everyone has a SmartPhone or mobile. While he is just in the beginning phase of blogging, he does not have enough money to buy a new laptop for himself.

We understand this because we also used to go through this period. By the way, let me tell you that blogging is a very good way to share your knowledge, knowledge, skills etc. with others. Also, there are many people who want to do blogging but they do not have much time to sit near their computer and write articles. Because of which they are interested in knowing how to do blogging from mobile?

So today we thought, why don’t you people How to do blogging from mobile or smartphone Provide complete information about this subject. Then let’s start without delay.

How to do blogging from mobile?

Now you must have known that today we will provide information about how to do blogging from mobile. At the same time, before understanding this, let’s understand why someone would like to blogging from their mobile phone.

Why blog from your mobile phone?

This question will probably be in the minds of many. But I want to make it clear to you that you can hardly make a well optimized blog Mobile phone On.

But yes, once you have started your blog on one platform like WordPress, then you might not need a computer any further, that too for posting or editing of articles as well as making your own brand online. for.

I am saying this because in today’s mobile era, where everyone has to hurry, most people do not like big blogs. In today’s time, 140-character is enough which people like to read more, while most readers like small size content.

There was a time when we used to read more long articles, now the time has come for microblogging, although it seems more prevalent in a few categories. Including Quote, Status and Video.

Better blogging platform for mobile blogging

Before starting blogging, we have to choose a platform in which we publish our site. Many free hosted options are mehudud, such as popular WordPress And Blogger. There are a lot of apps in both these platforms that allow users to compose, edit and publish their posts.

The main difference between Blogger and WordPress is that Blogger is a bit simpler to configure as well as to use, while WordPress is much easier to customize and simultaneously transition them to a self-hosted site. But when you use things beyond their free things.

Whatever platform you use, both official apps are available on all major mobile platforms.

Tip: Once you have made a post on your blog, then that too through the apps mentioned above, now try to view these posts in your phone browser, that too in full site or desktop view enabled, so that you can see it Here is how your post appears for other non-mobile readers or desktop users.

Let us now know which are the platforms that are right for a new bloggers for mobile blogging.

1. Google Blogger

Mobile blogging does not mean that you only access your account from your phone’s web browser. Users can easily create a new mobile blog and can also merge their mobile posts into an existing blog.

Features of Google Blogger Platform

  1. Availability: It supports all mobile browsers.

  2. Cost: While the service of Google Blogger is completely free.

  3. Pros: It is very easy to blog in it, while it can be done from a very basic phone too.


2. WordPress

WordPress Mobile Edition is a very popular platform for mobile blogging. In this, you get a lot of plugins that make your job easy. Mobile browsers are automatically detected, while they can also be easily customized.

In self-hosted installs, users can easily customize the interface for mobile browsers as well as a lot of styling.

  1. Availability: These are also available in almost all Os.

  2. Cost: There are some free plugins, while standard WordPress prices apply.

  3. Pros: In this, you are provided a lot of facility to optimize the blog.


Advantages and disadvantages of mobile blogging

Now let’s discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Blogging.

Benefits of mobile blogging

Let us now know what are the advantages of Mobile Blogging.

1. You can do blogging anywhere in it, just you should have internet connection. That is, standing in a line can also blogging.

2. You can be very productive, that means when you are free, you can do blogging in exchange for timepass.

3. You can easily get access to your website, anytime, anywhere.

Disadvantages of mobile blogging

Let us now know what are the disadvantages of Mobile Blogging.

1. It is very messy, because it is not easy to do any work correctly due to the small screen.

2. You your Blogging from SmartPhone Not all related functions can be done.

3. In this you cannot edit your core website files or log in to FTP if you are using a self-hosted platform such as WordPress.

4. You can not type in much speed or you can not change your blog contents too soon.

5. It is also not so easy to research a topic in comparison to desktop blogging.

6. In this screen, keyboard, along with functionality all the things are limited.

Can we blogging from a smartphone?

Yes, you can blogging with SmartPhone. I have already said many things about it, which you can read above. At the same time, you can also use your free time from your smartphone to blogging.

What are the best platforms for mobile blogging?

There are only two best platforms to do mobile blogging. The first is Goggle Blogger and the second is WordPress. Out of this, I find WordPress more accurate.

what did you learn today

I hope you find this article of mine How to blogging from mobile Must have liked It is always my endeavor that the readers Mobile Blogging in Hindi Complete information about the subject should be provided, so that there is no need to search in reference to that article in any other sites or internet.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.

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