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Undiporaadhey Song Lyrics | Hushaaru 2018 |Telugu |English |Sid Sriram

Undiporaadhey Song Lyrics : Four friends make a decision to follow their heart and live on their own terms. However, their actions have consequences as one of them falls into trouble.

Undiporaadhey song Lyrics

Undiporaadhey Song Lyrics in Telugu

ఉండిపోరాదే గుండె నీదేలే

హత్తుకోరాదే గుండెకే నన్నే

అయ్యో అయ్యో పాదం నేలపై ఆగనన్నదీ

మళ్ళీమళ్ళీ గాల్లో మేఘమై తేలుతున్నదీ

అందం అమ్మాయైతే నీలా ఉందా అన్నట్టుందే

మోమాటాలే వద్దన్నాయే అడగాలంటే కౌగిలే

ఉండిపోరాదే గుండె నీదేలే

హత్తుకోరాదే గుండెకే నన్నే ఓఒఒఓ

నిశిలో శశిలా నిన్నే చూశాక

మనసే మురిసే ఎగసే అలలాగ

ఏదో మైకంలో నేనే ఉన్నాలే

నాలో నేనంటూ లేనులే

మండే ఎండల్లో వెండి వెన్నెలనే

ముందే నేనెపుడూ చూడలే

చీకట్లో కూడ నీడలా

నీవెంటే నేను ఉండగా

వేరే జన్మంటూ నాకే ఎందుకులే

నీతో ఈ నిమిషం చాలులే

అందం అమ్మాయైతే నీలా ఉందా అన్నట్టుందే

మోమాటాలే వద్దన్నాయే అడగాలంటే కౌగిలే

ఉండిపోరాదే గుండె నీదేలే

హత్తుకోరాదే గుండెకే నన్నే హేఏఎఏ 

Undiporaadhey Song Lyrics in English

Undiporaadhey gunde needhele Hathukoraadey gundeke nanne

Ayyo ayyo padham Nelapai aaganannadhi Malli malli gaallo Meghamai theluthunnadhi

Andham ammayi aithey Neela undhaa annattundhe Momaataale vaddhannaaye Adagaalante kaugile

Undiporaadhey gunde needhele Hathukoraadey gundeke nanne

Nisilo shashila ninne choosaka Manase murise yegase ala laaga Yedho maikamlo neene unnaale Naalo nenantu lenule

Mande yendallo vendi vennelane Mundhe nenepudu choodale Cheekatlo kooda needalaa Neevente nenu undagaa Vere janmantu naake yedhukule Neetho ee nimisham chaalule

Andham ammayi aithey Neela undhaa annattundhe Momaataale vaddhannaaye Adagaalante kaugile

Undiporaadhey gunde needhele Hathukoraadey gundeke nanne..

Hushaaru Movie story wikipedia

Story: Four designing alumni, ignorant regarding what life will undoubtedly offer them, appreciate being in one another’s organization, capitalizing on their vivacious vitality, some of the time frantic to get into connections. Exactly when the going appears to be genuinely smooth, an individual difficulty hits them hard. How they ascend over this and help their kinship stand a definitive trial of character is Hushaaru for you.

Survey: Hushaaru is a proof of how you can step the ‘attempted and tried’ way and still make a sensibly captivating film. Four best mates, parallel love lives, parental clashes and their weights to make a vocation, Hushaaru ticks all the crates you expect out of a ‘vibe decent pal film’. It may not be the amazement of the year indeed, in spite of the fact that it’s a vivacious and a memorable account that ascents over its imperfections and generalizations. The executive Sree Harsha balances the film’s business request with great music and blustery, cut of life treatment.

An alumni on the goodbye day at initiation of the film faults Sekhar Kammula’s Happy Days to have romanticized designing life. Indeed, Hushaaru’s comparability with the film closes there as well. Hushaaru takes off where Happy Days left, and the dissimilar to the previous, this trip has four erratic characters who don’t have lady friends during their school days, have unassuming scholastic records that don’t help them in going to corporate meetings. The film taps their franticness to begin to look all starry eyed at, following their heart and their tryst with individual and expert hiccups. Be that as it may, for Tejus Kancherla, the lead cast contains new faces and it helps Hushaaru be the cheerful, carefree film it tries to be, absent a lot of demand.

The principle strife purpose of Hushaaru is with the heroes’ vocations and how they remain by one another during thick and flimsy. The film fills in as a mirror to the transient idea of our connections today, the absence of duty, monetary weights of twenty to thirty year olds and on the blushing side, how online companionships can some of the time can spring a shock as well. Hushaaru, as latest Telugu films, goes over the edge in lauding liquor addiction yet this string is shrewdly associated with the bottling works that gathering of companions set up, where they blend their very own brew to heart’s substance.

The primary hour verges on the anticipated while it’s the nearness of Rahul Ramakrishna that livens up procedures post break. Through Rahul’s character, the executive attacks corporate life and organized relationships and the entertainer’s fantastic suddenness guarantees some super chuckling.

On the off chance that there’s any issue with Hushaaru, it’s the realistic accommodation. Despite the fact that you see the fellowship between its four lead characters, the chief never lets a watcher feel their battle a lot. Be it a credit, or a bail at the police headquarters, making a relationship work, clearing rental contribution or setting up a bistro they had always wanted in the heartland of Hyderabad, things go to the young men effectively. The executive doesn’t put much into different connections past the kinship of the group of four, which is the reason you feel Hushaaru will in general pass up the bigger picture on occasion.

The explanation you neglect these imprudences is for the film’s agreeable funniness remainder and the absence of any drama regardless of managing life-and-demise circumstances. The music score by the trio of Radhan, Sunny MR, Varikuppala Yadagiri involves a fascinating blend of quieting and enthusiastic numbers and they gel with the story well. Hushaaru is for the most part reviving, catches the amusing side to companionships with get-up-and-go and you’ll leave the auditoriums with a sincere grin.

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