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What is computer and generation of computer

right here we what is Computer And How do computer systems run Will discuss A computer may be mentioned in simple language Electronic gadget it occurs. You most likely already know this reply. So you should be pondering, why once more this text about which we already know every little thing.

Just wait. I need you as we speak What is fundamental computer in Hindi I wish to let you know some of that prematurely, however my goal is that you have to be given details about the complete computer and not half of it is incomplete. I do know you realize fundamental computer data. But have you learnt the way it works, who made it earlier than, by means of which kisses it has handed. How many adjustments have been seen within the traits of computer systems in so a few years.

The computer that we’re utilizing as we speak is the outcome of years of exhausting work of many scientists behind it. At the identical time, with half the unfinished data, you have got full data. Today I provides you with this text computer What is that referred to as, What are its fundamental components, Full type of computer And together with the way it works, I wish to offer you full details about this machine. Then what is the delay, let’s begin and know that What is a computer.

What is Computer – What is Computer in Hindi

A computer is a machine that performs duties in line with sure directions. There is an digital gadget, which is designed to work with data. The phrase computer is derived from the Latin phrase “computare”. This means Calculation Or to calculate.

It has three fundamental capabilities. First information Taking what we additionally name Input, Second Work that Processing Data To do and Work That is to point out the processed information which Output Also says.

Input informationProcessingOutput information

Who invented computerThe The father of fashionable computer systems is referred to as Charles Babbage. Because he was the primary to design a mechanical computer, which is often known as Analytical Engine. In this, information was inserted with the assistance of Punch Card.

So we will name a computer a complicated digital gadget that takes uncooked information from the consumer within the type of enter, then processes that information by means of a program (set of Instruction) and lastly the outcome as Output Publishes. It processes each numerical and non numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.

What is the complete type of computer?

Technically there is no full type of computer. Yet the computer has an imaginary full type,

C – Commonly, O – Operated, M – Machine, P – Particularly, U – Used for, T – Technical and E – Educational, R – Research

If you translate it in Hindi, it will likely be one thing like this, Common working machines are particularly used for enterprise, schooling and analysis.

History of Computer – Generation of Computer in Hindi

It can’t be correctly verified that the event of computer systems has been began since. But formally computer improvement has been categorised in line with generation. They are divided into 5 components from the principle tower.

When it involves the generation of computer, then it implies that computer’s generations in Hindi. As the computer grows, they’re divided into totally different generations to make it simpler to know them correctly.

First Generation of Computer – 1940-1956 “Vacuum Tubes”

The first generation computer systems used Vaccum tubes for circuitry and Magnetic Drum for reminiscence. They was once very large in measurement. Rather a lot of energy was used to run them.

Being too large, it additionally had so much of warmth downside on account of which it was additionally malfunctioned many instances. Machine language was utilized in them. For instance UNIVAC and ENIAC computer systems.

Second Generation of Computers – 1956-1963 “Transistors”

In second generation computer systems, transistors changed vaccum tubes. Transistor took very much less house, was smaller, was quicker, was cheaper and was extra vitality environment friendly. They used to generate much less warmth than the primary generation computer systems, however nonetheless there was an issue of warmth in it.

These embody excessive degree programming languages ​​like COBOL And FORTRAN Was introduced into use.

Third Generation of Computers – 1964-1971 “Integrated Circuits”

Integrated Circuit was first utilized in third generation computer systems. In which the transistors had been reduce into small silicon chip referred to as Semi Conductor. Due to this, the power to do computer processing elevated to a terrific extent.

For the primary time, displays, keyboards and working techniques had been used to make computer systems of this generation extra consumer pleasant. It was first launched available in the market.

Fourth Generation of Computers – 1971-1985 “Microprocessors”

It is typical of the Forth generation that Microprocessor was utilized in it. Thousands of built-in circuits had been embedded right into a single silicon chip. This made it very simple to cut back the scale of the machine.

The use of microprocessor elevated the effectivity of the computer much more. This work was capable of do so much of calculations.

Fifth Generation of Computers – 1985-present “Artificial Intelligence”

Fifth generation belongs to as we speak’s Dor, the place Artificial Intelligence has established its dominance. Now, many new applied sciences like Speech recognition, Parallel Processing, Quantum Calculation have began coming into use.

This is a generation the place because of the computer’s synthetic intelligence, the power to make selections by itself has come. Gradually all its works will probably be automated.

Who invented computer

Who is the daddy of fashionable computer? Many such folks have contributed to this Computing Field. But extra of all these contributions Charles babage Belongs to Because he was the primary Analytical Engine Sun 1837 Was out in

ALU of their engine, Basic Flow management And the idea of Integrated Memory was applied. Today’s computer was designed by basing itself on this mannequin. This is why his contribution is the very best. Then he is often known as the daddy of the computer.

Definition of computer

There are many parts of any fashionable digital computer however some of them are essential akin to Input gadget, Output Device, CPU (Central Processing Unit), Mass Storage Device and Memory.accepts informationInputprocesses informationProcessingproduces outputOutputshops outcomesStorage

How does the computer work

Input (Data): Input is the step by which Raw Information is inserted into the computer utilizing Input Device. It could be a letter, image or perhaps a video.

Process: The information inputted through the course of is processed in line with the instruction. This is a totally inside course of.

Output: The information that has already been processed through the output is proven within the Result. And if we would like, we will additionally save this outcome and maintain it in reminiscence for future use.

Nominee picture of fundamental computer items

Computer physique

If you have got ever seemed inside a computer case, then you have to have discovered that there are various small parts inside, they give the impression of being very sophisticated, however they aren’t actually that sophisticated. Now, I provides you with some details about these parts.


The fundamental circuit board of any computer is referred to as the motherboard. It seems to be like a skinny plate however it holds many issues like CPU, reminiscence, connectors for exhausting drive and optical drive, to manage enlargement card video and audio, together with all of the computer Ports connection. If seen, the motherboard is immediately or in immediately linked with all components of the computer.

CPU / Processor

Do you realize what is Central Processing Unit i.e. CPU? It is additionally referred to as. It is discovered within the motherboard contained in the computer case. It is additionally referred to as the mind of the computer. It retains an eye fixed on all of the actions which can be inside a computer. The larger the velocity of a processor, the quicker it will likely be capable of do the processing.


We additionally know RAM as Random Acess Memory. This is the quick time period memeory of the system. Whenever the computer does some calculations, it quickly saves that lead to RAM. If the computer shuts down then this information is additionally misplaced. If we’re writing a doc, then to put it aside from being destroyed, we must always save our information in between. If saved in Data Hard Drive by saving, then it might stay for a very long time.

RAM is measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). The extra RAM there is, the higher for us.

Hard drive

Hard Drive is the element the place software program, paperwork and different recordsdata are saved. In this, the info stays saved for a very long time.

Power Supply Unit

The energy provide unit’s job is to take energy from the principle energy provide and provide it to different parts as per the requirement.

Expansion Card

All computer systems have Expansion Slots in order that we will add an Expansion Card sooner or later. They are additionally referred to as PCI (Peripheral Components Interconnect) playing cards. But these days the motherboard already has many inbuilt slots. Names of some Expansion Cards that we will use to replace outdated computer systems.

  1. Video card

  2. Sound card

  3. Network card

  4. Bluetooth Card (Adapter)

Note – If you might be ever opening the within of the computer then you must first take away the plug from the principle socket.

Computer {hardware} and software program

We can name computer {hardware} any bodily gadget that we use in our computer, whereas computer software program means the gathering of codes that we set up within the exhausting drive of our machine to run the {hardware}.

For instance, the computer monitor that we use to navigate, the mouse that we use to navigate, are all computer {hardware}. At the identical time, the Internet Browser with which we go to the web site, and the working system by which that Internet Browser runs. We name things like software program.

We can say {that a} computer is a mixture of software program and {hardware}, each have comparable roles, each can work collectively.

Types of Computer

Whenever we ever hear the use of the phrase computer, solely the image of private computer comes into our thoughts. Let me let you know that there are various varieties of computer systems. They are available in varied shapes and sizes. We use them as per the requirement, akin to ATM to withdraw cash, Scanner to scan a barcode, Calculator to do an enormous calculation. These are all differing types of computer systems.

1. Desktop

Many folks use desktop computer systems for his or her properties, faculties and their private work. They are designed in such a method that we will maintain them on our desk. They have many components akin to Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Case.

2. Laptop

You will need to have recognized about laptops that are battery powered, they’re very moveable in order that they are often taken wherever and anytime.

3. Tablet

Now let’s speak concerning the Tablet which we additionally name Handheld Computer as it may be simply caught in handguns.

It doesn’t have a keyboard and mouse, only a contact delicate display screen that is used for typing and navigation. Example- iPAD.

4. Servers

A server is a computer of some type that we use to alternate data. For instance, at any time when we seek for one thing within the Internet, all these issues are saved within the server.

Other varieties of computer systems

Let us now know what different varieties of computer systems are.

Smartphone (Smartphone): When Internet is enabled in a traditional mobile phone, we will do many duties utilizing it, then such a mobile phone is referred to as a smartphone.

Wearable (Wearable): Wearable expertise is a basic time period for a bunch of units – together with health trackers and smartwatches – which can be designed in order that they are often worn all through the day. These units are sometimes referred to as wearables.

Game Console (Game Control): This sport console is additionally a particular kind of computer that is used to play video video games in your TV.

TV (TV): TV is additionally a kind of computer which now features a lot of purposes or apps that convert it into Smart Tv. Whereas now you may stream movies from the Internet on to your TV.

Computer use – Application of Computer in Hindi

Where is the computer used? If seen, we now have been utilizing computer systems all over the place in our lives and will proceed to take action. It has change into a component of us. I’ve written some of its makes use of on your data beneath.

Use of Computer in Education: They have the most important hand in schooling, if a pupil wants details about one thing, then with the assistance of this data turns into obtainable to him inside a couple of minutes. Research has proven that with the assistance of computer systems, the educational efficiency of any pupil has elevated considerably. Nowadays, sitting at dwelling may be studied with the assistance of on-line lessons.

Health and Medicine: It is a boon for well being and drugs. With its assist, sufferers are handled very simply these days. Nowadays every little thing has change into digital, which makes it simple to know concerning the illness and in line with that it is additionally potential to deal with it. With this operation has additionally change into simple.

Use of computer systems within the subject of science: This is the present of science itself. This makes analysis very simple. Nowadays a brand new development is happening, which is additionally referred to as Collaboratory, so that each one the scientists of the world can work collectively, it doesn’t matter that you’ve got a presence within the nation.

Business: It has an enormous hand in enterprise to extend productiveness and competitiveness. It is primarily utilized in Marketing, Retailing, Banking, Stock Trading. Due to all of the issues being digital right here, its processing has change into very quick. And these days extra significance is being given to Cashless Transaction.

Recreation and Entertainment: It has change into a brand new hangout for leisure, discuss something akin to motion pictures, sports activities or resturants wherever they’re used.

Government: Nowadays, the federal government is additionally giving extra concentrate on their use. If we discuss Traffic, Tourism, Information & Broadcasting, Education, Aviation, our work in all these locations has change into very simple.

Defense: Their use within the military has elevated to a terrific extent. With the assistance of which our military has change into extra highly effective now. Because these days every little thing is managed with the assistance of computer.

There are many locations the place we use it in line with our wants.

advantages of computer

By the way in which, it is not going to be flawed to say that computer has made the life of us very comfy in our unbelievable Speed, Accuracy And Storage With the assistance of

With this, people can save something and discover something simply at any time when they need. We can say {that a} computer is a really versatile machine as a result of it is very versatile in doing its jobs.

But in spite of this we will additionally say that the computer is a really versatile machine as a result of it is very versatile in doing its work, whereas these machines even have some vital benefits and disadvantages.

Let’s find out about them



Multitasking is a really large benefit of a computer.

In this, an individual can simply calculate a number of duties, a number of operations, numerical issues in only a few seconds.

Computer can simply calculate in trillion of directions per second.


Now it is not only a calculating gadget.

Now it has change into a vital half of our life.

Its nice benefit is its excessive velocity, which helps it to finish any activity in a really quick time.

In this, all of the operations may be carried out instantly, in any other case they take so much of time to do.


Cost / Stores do giant quantities of information

This is a low value resolution. Because on this an individual can save a big quantity of information in a low funds. Very excessive amount of data may be saved utilizing centralized database, in order that the fee may be earned to a terrific extent.


These computer systems are very correct about their calculations, their possibilities of making a mistake are negligible.

Data Security

Protecting digital information is referred to as information safety. Computer protects our digital information from unauthorized customers akin to cyberattack or entry assault.

Computer harm

Now tell us about some disadvantages of computer..

Virus and Hacking Attacks

Virus is a harmful program and hacking is referred to as unauthorized entry by which Owner doesn’t find out about you.

These Virus may be simply unfold by means of e mail attachment, generally even through USB, or they are often accessed out of your contaminated web sites by your computer.

At the identical time, as soon as it reaches your computer, then it ruins your computer.

Online Cyber Crimes

Computer and community are used to do these on-line cyber-crime. At the identical time, cyberstalking and identification theft are additionally coated underneath these on-line cyber-crimes.

Decrease in employment alternative

Since the computer is succesful of doing many duties concurrently, there is an enormous loss of employment alternative.

Therefore, from the banking sector to any governmental sectors, you may see that each one the computer systems are given extra significance within the place of folks. Therefore, unemployment is solely growing.

Talking concerning the different drawback, it doesn’t have an IQ, it relies on the customers in any respect, it has no feeling, it can’t take any resolution by itself.

The future of computer systems

By the way in which, so much of technological adjustments are coming within the computer daily. Every day, it is changing into extra reasonably priced and extra environment friendly and extra environment friendly. As the necessity of the folks will increase, so will there be extra adjustments. Previously it was of the form of a home, now it is entering into our palms.

There will come a time when it will likely be managed by our thoughts. Nowadays scientists are doing extra analysis on optical computer, DNA computer, Neural Computer and Quantum Computer. Along with this, a lot consideration is additionally being paid to Artificial Intelligence in order that it might do its personal work easily.

What did you learnt as we speak?

By now you’ve got the introduction of computer systems in Hindi. I sincerely hope that you’ve got given full details about the sort of computer and I hope you guys have understood about this computer expertise.

Easily now you may reply what the computer says. I request all of you readers that you just too ought to share this data in your neighborhood, kin and mates, in order that our consciousness will probably be there and it should profit everybody. I want your help in order that I can convey extra new data to you.

It has all the time been my endeavor that I all the time assist my readers or readers from all sides, in the event you folks have any doubt of any type, then you may ask me irresponsibly.

I’ll positively attempt to remedy these Doubts. Who did you name this text, how did you prefer it? Tell us by writing a remark in order that we too have an opportunity to study one thing out of your concepts and enhance one thing.

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