• Akshay Chavan

Why Should We Refill Petrol & Diesel in the morning?

Here is the shocking secret behind the refilling of fuel in the moning.

As per the survey we know that the temperature will be low at the morning and late evening hours.

So at this time the quantity of fuel will be correct in form and we will get the correct parameters of fuel.

Actually the petrol has the volume of 1.26 kg per liter but due to the change in temperature we will get only 1 kg petrol per 1 litres.

If we refill our fuel in the morning or late evening hours we can save a lot of fuel and our money.

Increase in temperature can blow up the quantity of fuel and CNG gaseous. Because they are low in weight and glow up to the air.

when we fill the fuel in high temperature time like afternoon or evening. we will face alot of quantity change in the fuel.

Experts says that if you want to refill your fuel the morning is best time to refill.

Fuel expert Mrs. Dhawan Said that temperature will expand the petroleum in the warm.

It is better to refill it when the temperature is cool and get the advantage of it.

Key points To save Petrol

Here we provide the steps to save fuel and get good mileage for your vehicles.

How To increase the mileage of vehicle?

To increase the mileage of vehicle we have to maintain the average speed of the vehicle. which is called the economy speed it is between 40-50 km/hr. This is the best way to increase the mileage. Try this method the result will blow your mind. For more details read full article.

How to save petrol?

Here We provide the wonder full information to save petrol. By refilling the petrol in low temperature timings you can save a lot of quantity in petrol. More Details Read our Full article.

Best Timings to Refill Fuel (petrol & Diesel)?

The best timings to refill petrol and diesel to your vehicle is the early morning and late evening hours. These are the best timings to refill the fuel. try and get a mind blowing change. For more details Read our full article.

How to check the mileage of any vehicle without carrying a water bottle for extra petrol.

  1. Fill the Petrol in your bike

  2. Keep the fuel knob in the ON mode

  3. when the fuel will be finished turn to the reserve mode and reset your meter to zero

  4. Now fill the petrol exact 1 liter

  5. After Filling the petrol again turn on it to ON mode and drive until the fuel got empty

  6. The last step At how many kms your bike got finished it is the accurate mileage of the vehicle.


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